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A thin, delicate box carefully gilded. It can be an example of a wonderful cabinet of curiosities. Dimensions are 35 x 22 x 11 cm It is made in glass & brass


Bring some preciosity to your home decoration with this glass and golden brass box and its vintage inspiration. You can use it as a terrarium for your little plants. Dimensions are 40 x 26 x 13,5 It is made in glass and brass


Feel in love with this flat window which will be very pretty in a living room or in a bedroom, to show off your jewels and precious objects. Flat window in tempered glass and brass Mirror and back in velvet Size: 55x45x10cm


Here you have a jewellery hanger mixing fun and ethic because it is made in recycled brass by the inhabitants of a small village in India. Its palm tree shape will make you feel on holidays for ever. Height: 32 cm Width: 22,5cm Hand made in brass in India


This jewellery hanger has been carefully made and decorated with a little ostrich which bring a funny and an exotic touch.  Height: 32 cm Width: 22,5cm. Hand made in golden brass in India


Show your personnality with this candlestick and its ostrich shape. With its vintage inspiration it will bring a precious touch and something fun to your home decoration. It will add something to your marble chimney or it will find some space on a wood furniture. Height: 20cm Width: 10 cm. Handmade in recycled golden brass in India


Always useful to tidy your documents, this cards hanger will make your life easier. This object is handmade in recycled golden brass in India.

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