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Melt for the "Force de Vie" - Life Force - candle from Life On Venus.Its surface is studded with polished garnet chips, whose energy will interact with the chakra called Root.This energy, combined with the scent of cedar, will allow you to anchor yourself in the Earth in order to find strength and courage. 100% Vegetable Wax Burns for more than 30 hours...


Life On Venus combines the power of a fragrance that will influence your mood, with the energy of a stone that will act on one of your chakras.The Tigress candle combines the scent of fig tree, with the scent of late summer, with the energy of Tiger's Eye to stimulate your 3rd chakra.This candle will encourage you to persevere. 100% Vegetable Wax Burns...


The candle "La Force tranquille" - The Quiet Power - reminds us of walks in the olive groves of Tuscany or the South of France.Its olive scent is associated with red jasper. Together they will call upon your first chakra called Root, and encourage you in the realisation of your projects. 100% Vegetable Wax Burns for more than 30 hours Handcrafted in Grasse


Here you have a very elegant candlestick made and chiselled by hand by craftspeople in India. This is a vintage and luxurious object. Height: 32cm Width: 12cm Made in aluminium in India


The Library Luxury Scented Candle in a reusable ceramic vessel with luxe gift box. Evoking mahogany shelves full of leather bound books and reading under the flicker of warming candlelight. Aromas of rich wood, amber, pink pepper and pomegranate. Hand decorated with real gold. Luxury, hand poured scented Candle Approx 90 hour burn time 300g of Vegan...

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