À la

Two women who want to relive instead of renew. Two travellers who are boundless in different ways. Two collectors who want to reinvent identities. À la is the answer to the questions: what do we love and what do we like to share with others? À la tells stories of people, products and cultures.


This jewellery hanger has been carefully made and decorated with a little ostrich which bring a funny and an exotic touch.  Height: 32 cm Width: 22,5cm. Hand made in golden brass in India


Always useful to tidy your documents, this cards hanger will make your life easier. This object is handmade in recycled golden brass in India.


Here you have a very elegant candlestick made and chiselled by hand by craftspeople in India. This is a vintage and luxurious object. Height: 32cm Width: 12cm Made in aluminium in India

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