The Londoner Rosh Mahtani, after studying French and Italian at Oxford, created the encounter between her literary sensibility and the world of gold.

She reinterprets poems from the "Divine Comedy" by Durante degli Alighieri, known as Dante, to create a collection of unique jewels combining literature and travel.

Each piece is based on one of the 100 poems in the book about a pilgrim's journey through Hell, Purgatory and Paradise.


Here is the The moon fever necklace, from the The Museum of Memories collection and created by the Alighieri brand. Adorned with a unique natural pearl and a globe-shaped charm, this magnificent bracelet is a vintage-style piece that will enhance your outfits. 24k gold plated bronze Natural Pearl Made in London


The Alighieri "Dark Water" necklace comes from the "Love in the Wasteland" collection. Inspired by T.S Eliot, this 24k gold-plated bronze jewel represents the meanders between today's connected world and the loneliness of life. In gold-plated bronze, this piece is hung on a thin chain. 24k gold plated bronze Length : 51 cm Made in London


The Unreal City bracelet from the "Love in the Wasteland" collection created by the Alighieri brand is inspired by T.S Eliot and his poems from the interwar period. This thick chain in plated bronze or 24 carats is worked to give an effect of matter. Handcrafted in London workshops, go for this unique and chic style. 24ct gold plated bronze Length : 15 -...


Beautiful "A Flash of Lightning" necklace from the brand Alighieri. The collection is inspired by T.S Eliot and his poem "The Waste Land" written during the interwar period. This delicate choker will sublimate your neckline thanks to its flower-shaped pendant, gilded with fine gold and set with a unique diamond. Gold plated 9kt Diamond 2mm Made in Hatton...


Affirm your wild coast with the Lion Medallion from Alighieri. In the selva oscura -dark wood- Dante is confronted by a terrifying lion, he will give you strength and courage. This jewel for men or women is made from an antique Venetian coin, restored and waxed in the workshops of London. Bronze plated or 24 kt Diameter 2.1cm, weight 5 grams Chain 40...


Here is the Il Leone bracelet from the Alighieri brand, this medal made from a real Venetian coin is inspired by the Divine Comedy. This bracelet represents Dante's courage in the face of Leo and will give you as much strength for your daily life. 24K Gold Plated bronze Made in London


The Moon Fever bracelet created by the Alighieri brand comes from the collection The Museum of Memories which traces the childhood memories of the talented Rosh Mahtani. Opt for this beautiful 24k gold-plated bronze coin, adorned with a unique natural pearl and a globe-shaped charm. 24ct gold plated bronze Naturel Pearl Length : 22 cm Made in London


The "The evening shadow" necklace from the "Love in the Wasteland" collection of the Alighieri brand, is inspired by the poet T.S Eliot. This 24K gold-plated bronze medal highlights the work of the material. Handcrafted in the London workshops, this choker is a trendy and refined piece that can be worn everyday. 24k gold plated bronze Chain adjustable...

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