No need to browse for hours on the internet, looking for the prefect ethnic gift. We have made a selection of jewelry and home items, ethnical inspired, just for you.

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The River Parrot earrings will become your new summer allies.We love their finesse and their little rhombus feathers with golden tips. Silver Gold-plated (18k, 5 microns) Fine Stones Natural Feathers Length : 6,5 cm Handmade in Paris


It's hard to resist this Stalactite bracelet.It is made of a rigid braided bezel, underlined by one or two lines of golden chain.You can choose it with or without stones ! Gold Plated Brass (18 carats - 3 microns) Available with or without fine stones (Malachite or Pyrite) Adjustable size Made in Paris


New arrival in the Be Maad collection, the Sangha ring.The association of a rough stone with the brilliance of zirconium. Brass Gold filled (18k) White Zirconiums


Beautifully handcrafted earrings made in silver gold plated and embellished with a fine chain and amazonite stones. Amazonite called also the stone of hope, it’s very beautiful and calming stone represent flow water for its light green-blue colour, wonderful to bring in new prosperity to any business, great for new inspiration, balance emotion with heart...


Why wearing one ring when you can wear 7 in one? This seven bands ring in sterling silver is made by 7 rings. Some of the rings are with pearls and some others are just plains. Sterling Silver Height : 1,1 cm Available Sizes : 52, 54, 56 Handmade in Paris


Minimal timeless buddha necklace made in silver gold plated 24K Long nice chain embellished with peridot stone and buddha detailed pendant. Peridot stone is a very special olive green bright crystal, represents wealth, financial success, happiness and helps to heal depression. The pendant has a portrayed of a Buddha with on the sides two lotus flower and...


Be seduced by these mini pearl creoles that can be placed on your ears or nose ! Sterling Silver or Silver Gold plated (18k, 3 microns) Diameter : 1 cm


Adopt these ear clips and place them at any height you want.They pinch directly on the cartilage and do not require pierced ears. Sterling Silver or Silver Gold plated (18k, 3 microns) Diameter : 1 cm


You won't resist to this Birdy bracelet and its crown of feathers with gold. Brass gold plated (3 microns - 18 carats) Adjustable length Handmade in Paris


This superb 24 carat gold plated bronze ring is set with semi-precious stone. Its design makes it a unique jewel and to wear alone for more refinement.


Why wearing only one ring when you can wear 7 in one? This seven band ring is in sterling silver gold plated. You can easily wear this ring with a black dress or something more casual like a shirt with trousers. Its weight is 10,01g and its height is 11mm. Agnès de Verneuil is a french designer making its jewellery in Paris.


This seven band ring is made in sterling silver rose gold plated. Some of the rings are plains and some others are with pearls. The weight of the ring is 10,01g and its height is 11mm

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