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Ultimate refinement with Secret earrings.They are simply made of a small crystal suspended at the end of a golden chain. Gold filled Brass (24k, 3 microns) Length : 11 cm


You're asking a lot of us for phalanx rings, so here's the Ode ring.This double ring will dress your fingertips in a golden glow. Gold filled Brass (24k, 3 microns) Sizing : S : 41-42 ; M : 43-44 ; L : 45-46


The Ode ring shines with simplicity.You will love this chiseled and gilded double ring. Gold filled Brass (24k, 3 microns) Sizing : S : 51-52 ; M : 53-54 ; L : 55-56


The Helia ring is a tiny piece of finesse : two leaves meticulously gilded and placed on a thin ring. Gold filled Brass (24k, 3 microns) Sizing : S : 51-52 ; M : 53-54 ; L : 55-56


Colette earrings are defined by an infinitely subtle line.They are so light that they can be worn on any occasion! Gold filled Brass (24k, 3 microns) Length : 9 cm


Fall for the large model of the asymmetrical Colette bracelet.A delicately gold-plated jewel designed by BDM Studio. Gold filled Brass (24k, 3 microns)


Bdm Studio presents the Colette collection : a modern line that combines rigidity and flexibility. Gold filled Brass (24k, 3 microns) Available with or without Swarovski Crystal


The Chloé earrings are made of two intertwined golden rings. Small detail which makes all the difference : these two rings are also present on the clasps for a super delicate duplicating effect. Gold filled Brass (24k, 3 microns) Size : 1,5 and 2 cm


You already knew the Beluga ring, it's now a best-seller.This thick, gold-plated mesh now comes in a beautiful bracelet. Gold filled Brass (24k, 3 microns)


Opt for 3 rings in one with the Arizona ring.It consists of 3 golden rings : twisted, hammered and thin. Gold filled Brass (24k, 3 microns) Sizing : S : 51-52 ; M : 53-54 ; L : 55-56


Fall for this triple bangle with precious textures. Gold filled Brass (24 carats, 3 microns) Adjustable size


Symbol of Divine Providence, the eye of the Higher Power necklace will watch over you in all circumstances. Sterling Silver Lenght of the chain : 45 cm Made in Canada


The oak tree is a symbol of family heritage.It appears in the centre of this pendant, surrounded by the Latin quote 'Familia Supra Omnia' which means : family above all.A perfect jewel to give to a family member you care about. Sterling Silver Lenght of the chain : 50 cm Made in Canada


An original medallion in the shape of a shield, stamped with two foxes standing on their hind legs.This jewelry symbolizes the secrets that bind friendships together. Sterling Silver Lenght of the chain : 55 cm Made in Canada


The Safra ring is open on the front, for a subtle and precious effect.It remains to choose which combination of stones will be yours ! Brass Gold filled (18k) Adjustable size


New arrival in the Be Maad collection, the Sangha ring.The association of a rough stone with the brilliance of zirconium. Brass Gold filled (18k) White Zirconiums

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