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Star Earrings

Price €45.00
North Star, Wind Rose... To each his own interpretation of this 8-point symbol.All we know is that we love these earrings signed Delphes Bijoux....

Rose Earrings

Price €150.00
A rock and glamour style for Good After Nine's Rose Earrings. Polished brass with 18k gold plating High-quality enamel and special coating technique

Daisy Earrings

Price €150.00
Fall in love with Daisy earrings : pop earstuds with bright colours. Polished brass with 18k gold plating High-quality enamel and special coating...

Lou Earrings

Price €95.00
The Gisel B brand declines its jewelry around cultured pearls to offer you a typical design of the 50s. We love its fine line and its refined...

Lisbon chips

Price €80.00
Indispensable and timeless, Lisbon chips are ideal in all circumstances! For an elegant and refined look, they will give you a little vintage...

Lucy Earrings

Price €175.00
The Lucy maxi earrings are ideal for a vintage look! The Gisel B brand knows perfectly how to update chic pieces to make them timeless jewelry....

Ice Earrings

Price €25.00
Discreet and elegant, this pair of earrings in the shape of a glittering tip will suit all styles. Gold plated Brass (18 carats) White zirconiums

Line Earrings

Price €25.00
When minimalism rhymes with refinement.Tayl chooses simplicity with this pair of earrings that align 8 zirconium crystals for an incredible light...

Dots Earrings

Price €25.00
This pair of mini ear studs consists of four small golden beads, the last of which is set with a sparkling crystal. Gold plated Brass (18 carats)...

Sword Earrings

Price €25.00
Thin and discreet, these small dagger-shaped earrings will blend into your hair to subtly reveal the shine of their blade. Sterling Silver or Gold...