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From the new EVE collection from the Stalactite brand, this choker represents a mini rosary adorned with a drop of freshwater pearl.  This fine and delicate jewel will be perfect to highlight a pretty neckline. Silver Gold plated or Silver 925 Freshwater pearl Handmade Made in Paris


Beautiful Cheema necklace set with a Labradorite stone or a Crystal. Perfect mix between a bohemian and chic look. Gold plated  Stone : Labradorite or Cristal Adjustable size Designed in Paris


For Pyrrha, the Dragonfly represents the ability to welcome change with serenity.Now you know this, you will know who to offer this talisman! Sterling Silver Lenght : 45 cm (18 inch) Handcraft in Canada


This talisman is engraved with "JAMAIS ARRIÈRE", a French quote which means Never Look Back.Its diamond will give you determination and courage to build your future life. Sterling Silver set with a diamond Lenght : 45 cm (18 inch) Made in Canada


Opt for a refined look with these 50s design earrings. Cultured pearls bring charm and elegance to this timeless piece. Gold plated 3 microns Waterfresh stones Made in France


The Gisel B brand declines its jewelry around cultured pearls to offer you a typical design of the 50s. We love its fine line and its refined pearl! Gold plated 3 microns Baroque cultured pearl Length: 8cm Made in France


The Lucy maxi earrings are ideal for a vintage look! The Gisel B brand knows perfectly how to update chic pieces to make them timeless jewelry. Gold plated 3 microns Waterfresh stone Diameter 5cm Made in France


Indispensable and timeless, Lisbon chips are ideal in all circumstances! For an elegant and refined look, they will give you a little vintage touch. Gold plated 3 microns Cultured pearl Cut : 12 mm Made in France


We dare long earrings for this season !The Move Stone model is composed of an oval stone at its base and three chased rings. Brass gilded with fine gold (24 carats, 0.5 micron) Fine stones Length : 7,5 cm


Don't look any further, you've found the pair of earrings you absolutely need! These small earrings are set with 18 white diamonds and are available in silver, pink gold plated or vermeil. The ideal pair to wear every day!


Enjoy these delicate earrings design in Paris by Stalactite : two thin circles, decorated with hammered silver chips. Avaible in : Silver Plated (Brass Silver plated 0,5 micron) or Gold Plated (Brass Gold plated - 3 microns) Size : 5 cm Handmade in Paris


These range shaped earrings, decorated with little textured leaves, will fit your ears just like the Baby Parrot Earrings or the Elise Earcuffs. Avaible in : Sterling Silver (925) or Gold Plated (Silver Gold plated - 3 microns) Handmade in Paris


These pretty feathered wheels are made for you.Available in Black or natural colour, they will be perfect for fall. Available in : Natural, Black Brass Gold plated (3 microns), Swarovski Crystals and Natural Feathers Handmade in Paris


Made of a Swarovski crystal in front, and another one surrounded on a hoop on the back, the Tresors earrings are fine and unexpected. Gold filled Brass (24 carats, 2 microns) Swarovski Crystals Designed in Paris


Initially created for children, Lilou earrings will seduce both big and small girls !These 4 leaves fans won't never leave your ears anymore... Available in : Sterling Silver or Silver Gold Plated (18 cts, 5 microns) Made in France


These Stalactite hoops, decorated with a small hammered pellet, will become your new basic.Find all the variations of the Grigri earrings : Medal, Eye or Cross. It's up to you to find yours ! Available in : Sterling Silver or Silver Gold Plated (18 cts, 5 microns) Diameter : 1,5 cm Made in France


An elegant jewel that you can tie or wrap easily around your neck. You have two little pearls from freshwater at the end of the necklace and two handmade leaves. It will suit a dress or a shirt slightly opened. You can wear this necklace with the matching Nikita earrings. Available in : Silver (925) and pearls from freshwater Total length : 80 cm Handmade...


Here a necklace specially made for Libras. Born from 23rd of September to 22nd of October, Libras are known to be balanced and faith persons. Brass Gold plated (3 microns Swarovski Crystal Lenght : 75 cm Handmade in Paris


The perfect nod for a birthday, this golden necklace is decorated with a shiny blue crystal to finish the Aries symbol.Aries people are impulsive spirits. Their sign is a symbol of fecondity and fire, related to the Roman god Mars. Brass Gold plated (3 microns Swarovski Crystal Lenght : 75 cm Handmade in Paris


A necklace dedidacted to people born between 22nd of June and 22nd of July.This medal is made with two opposite elements and decorated with a small Swarovski crystal, symbol of vital flows. The Cancer is also a symbol of motherhood. Brass Gold plated (3 microns) Swarovski Crystal Lenght : 75 cm Handmade in Paris


This Astro necklace is made for people born from 22nd of December, to 19th of January.Its medal is stamped with the Capricorn sign, and decorated with a small fushia Swarovski.Capricorns are known to be calm and temperated personalities. Brass Gold plated (3 microns) Swarovski Crystal Lenght : 75 cm Handmade in Paris


Born under the Air element, Geminis are associate to the antique twin picture of Romulus and Remus.This sign represents duality, antagonism and oppoisiton, and make strong personnalities.Nés sous l'élément Air, les Gémeaux sont associés aux figures antiques des jumeaux Romulus et Remus.The perfect gift for a birthday placed between the 21st of May and...


A medal specialy made for Pisces, born between the 19th of February and the 20th of March.Characterized by the Water element, Pisces are generally emotive and sensitive spirits. Brass Gold plated (3 microns) Swarovski Crystal Lenght : 75 cm Handmade in Paris


This sign of the Zodiac, pictured by a a chimera half-human and half-horse, is the symbol of the duality between human being and Animal being.This feature characterizes Sagittarius people, born at the end of the year, from 22nd of November to 21st of December.Stalactite has specially made this necklace for them, finished by a cute light green crystal....


The Scorpio sign is a complex spirit, known for build and destroy.Wear this necklace if you are born between the 24th of October and the 21st of November. Brass Gold plated (3 microns) Swarovski Crystal Lenght : 75 cm Handmade in Paris


Symbol of strenght and power, associated to the Earth element, Taurus appears here as a beautiful golden medal. A singular jewel design by Stalactite for people born from 21st of April to 20th of May.Brass Gold plated (3 microns) Swarovski Crystal Lenght : 75 cm Handmade in Paris


The beautiful Astro necklace, Virgo designed is kindly finished with a small crystal.The perfect jewel to offer to someone born between the 23rd of August and the 22nd of September. Swarovski Crystal Lenght : 75 cm Handmade in Paris


Associated to the Air, Aquarius also plays with the Water element.It characterizes humble, honest and empathic spirits.A beautiful necklace to offer to someone born between the 20th of January and the 18th of February. Swarovski Crystal Lenght : 75 cm Handmade in Paris


The Holly long necklace is a perfect piece to brighten up a chic outfit thanks to its freshwater stone. A timeless necklace. Gold plated 3 microns Freshwater stone Made in France


Affirm your wild coast with the Lion Medallion from Alighieri. In the selva oscura -dark wood- Dante is confronted by a terrifying lion, he will give you strength and courage. This jewel for men or women is made from an antique Venetian coin, restored and waxed in the workshops of London. Bronze plated or 24 kt Diameter 2.1cm, weight 5 grams Chain 40...

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