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The Pearl bracelet will be perfect to wear alone, but we advise you to combine it with those you already own for a boho cuff effect. Fine stones : Lapis, Malachite or Pyrite Gold Plated (Brass Gold plated - 3 microns) Adjustable Size Handmade in Paris (France)


The Pearl necklace is a delicate necklace made of a line of faceted Pyrite beads, punctuated with small silver or gold nuggets. Brass Silver plated (15 microns) or Brass Gold plated (18k, 3 microns) Malachite, Pyrite or Lapis beads Adjustable Lenght : 45 cm Made in Paris


The tiny Honorine earrings will be perfect for summer!It remains to be seen which colour to choose... Sterling Silver or Silver Gold plated (18k, 5 microns) Fine stones : Howlite, Malachite, Pyrite or African Turquoise Diamaeter : 1,2 cm Made in Paris


This ring realizes the perfect balance between the sensitivity of a semi-precious stone and its raw aspect. An elegant jewel bringing a rock touch to your hands. Silver plated gold 24 carats (3 microns). Semi-precious stones. Available in: white Agate, Amazonite, Chrysoprase, blue Kyanite, black Druzy, Emerald, Hyperstone, Labradorite and Ruby. Homemade...


Rose Marie Paris's charming hoops are decorated with a small flower made of 6 white zirconiums. Sterling Silver or Silver Gold plated (18k, 3 microns) White Zirconium Diameter : 1,4 cm


New arrival in the Be Maad collection, the Sangha ring.The association of a rough stone with the brilliance of zirconium. Brass Gold filled (18k) White Zirconiums


Fall in love with this small medal with a heart set with zirconiums, mounted on a pearl chain. Brass Gold finish (0,5 micron, 24 ct) Black Spinelle, Gold or Khaki Mother of Pearl Zirconium Total Lenght : 47-50 cm


This talisman is engraved with "JAMAIS ARRIÈRE", a French quote which means Never Look Back.Its diamond will give you determination and courage to build your future life. Sterling Silver set with a diamond Lenght : 45 cm (18 inch) Made in Canada


Here a necklace specially made for Libras. Born from 23rd of September to 22nd of October, Libras are known to be balanced and faith persons. Brass Gold plated (3 microns Swarovski Crystal Lenght : 75 cm Handmade in Paris


A beautiful long necklace designed by Stalactite with a Zodiac Leo medal.A jewel simply made for people born between the 23rd of July to 22nd of August. Brass Gold plated (3 microns) Swarovski Crystal Lenght : 75 cm Handmade in Paris


This sign of the Zodiac, pictured by a a chimera half-human and half-horse, is the symbol of the duality between human being and Animal being.This feature characterizes Sagittarius people, born at the end of the year, from 22nd of November to 21st of December.Stalactite has specially made this necklace for them, finished by a cute light green crystal....


Fall in love with this beautiful bracelet designed by Stalactite.One of its two chains is decorated with a line of hammered petals, ending in each way with three crystals. Brass Silver plated (15 microns) or Gold plated (18k, 3 microns) Swarovski Crystals Adjustable Size Made in Paris


Chic is a precious bracelet designed in the Parisian workshop of Stalactite.Inspired by Indian ornaments, it comes in 3 rows of fine stones, highlighted by a delicately gold filled chain. Sterling Silver or Silver Gold Plated (18k - 5 microns) Available in : Malachite, Pyrite and African Turquoise Adjustable Lenght : 16 - 18 cm Made in France


This thin bracelet designed by Stalactite is studded with small round pearls, gold-plated or silver plated, grouped by three. Available in : Silver Plated (Brass Silver plated - 15 microns) or Gold Plated (Brass Gold plated - 3 microns) Adjustable size Handmade in Paris (France)


The thin Felicite rings will be perfect for your fingers on sunny days.We love the brilliance of the small stones selected by Stalactite. Sterling Silver (925) or Silver Gold plated (5 microns, 18k) Fine stones : Amazonite, Malachite or Onyx Handmade in Paris (France)


Discover the Bali ring made by the Parisian brand Be Maad, in 18K fine gold gilded brass and set with a semi-precious stone. Adjustable ring Available in several colours. Each stone is unique, its color can vary


You will love the Sanja necklace from Be Maad, its bohemian and rock style will enhance all your outfits! Set with a semi-precious stone it is made of 18-carat fine gold gilded brass.


Brass gold plated (24 carats), 0,5 microns. Swarovski Crystals. Adjustable size. Handmade in Paris.


Find the fabulous star Hanka_ïn in pendant of this jewel studded with stones.The Enjoy model can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet. Brass Gold finish (0,5 micron, 24 ct) Black Spinelle, Gold or Khaki Mother of Pearl Zirconium Total Lenght : 47-50 cm


Hanka_ïn is renewing its pendants this season, with this small moon constellated with zirocnium bursts. Mounted on a chain of gemstones, it can be worn as a necklace or as a multi-turn bracelet. Brass Gold finish (0,5 micron, 24 ct) Black Spinelle, Gold or Khaki Mother of Pearl Zirconium Total Lenght : 47-50 cm


Hanka_ïn is back in force with a baroque and refined collection.Discover the Kurt earrings, and their gemstones splinters. Brass Gold filled (24k, 0,5 micron) Raw Emerald, Black Druzy or Labradorite Length : 3,5 cm


A must have from Hanka_ïn Collection, the Glint ring set with an oval druzy. An incredible stone, composed by tiny needles cluster in quartz available in black or platinium variant. This unique jewel will illuminate your hands with it rock and chic sparkle. The Glint ring has a big oval stone and is with a Druzy stone. Brass gold plated 24 carats (3...


This opened ring can be adjusted to your finger's size. You just need to find your favorite crystal shade. A thin and coloured ring which match perfectly with all others Hanka_ïn rings collection or Charlotte Wooning rings. Brass gold plaited 24 carats (3 microns). Swarovski Crystal. Handmade in Paris.


Fall in love with this chunky ring, but delicately carved and set with an oval stone.Your best bohemian asset for the coming summer... Silver Gold plated (5 microns, 18k) Fine stones : Amazonite, Malachite or Onyx Handmade in Paris (France)


Fall in love with the charm of this small eye shaped ring, constellated with colored zirconiums. Silver Gold plated (24 k) Coloured Zirconiums


Could anything be more elegant than this Druzy in your wrist? Find out the new Glint bracelet and its oval stone composed by tiny quartz needles attracting the light. You will love the black versant, intense and elegant, or the platinium one more shiny. Brass gold plated 24 carats (3 microns). Black or platinium Druzy. Adjustable size: 16-18cm. Handmade.


This necklace « Big Circle of Life » is a superb jewel, with a huge circle form, with a side which is only covered of 26 diamonds. It’s timeless necklace will be pleased to all women who love fashion. Available in white rhodium silver, plated 18 carats pink gold or even, plated 18 carats gold. 925 Silver or Siver Gold Plated (18 cts) 26 White diamonds...


The Small Full Circle Of Life bracelet is one of the flagship pieces of the Diamanti Per Tutti brand. This timeless classic is set with 18 white diamonds and will add a touch of elegance to any outfit. Complete your set with the ring and necklace for a coordinated look.


Stay, it's a new necklace designed by Hanka_ïn. A precious necklace adorned with five small stars set with a zirconium in their heart. Brass Gold Filled (24k, 0,5 micron) White Zirconiums Adjustable length : 39 - 42 cm


The Element necklace is available in twelve birthstones. Each gemstone is corresponding to a month of the year.Here is the "June" version, simply set with a pearl. An eternal and unique jewel, the ideal gift for an anniversary. 3 mm diameter Pearl 14 ct Gold Lenght : 40 cm (16 inches)

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