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A mystical ring adorned with sparkling diamonds and a small deep blue sapphire in its center. 925 Silver or Silver Gold Plated (18 cts) 16 diamonds (0.064 carats), 1 Blue Sapphire


The « Twin Rings » collection is composed of 3 rings which can be easily wear, separately, or together in the same finger for example. These three rings are one-size, so, you can simply adjust it! Perfect to all styles! 925 Silver or Silver Gold Plated (18 cts) 7 diamonds (0.028 carats) Adjustable size


This ring « Full Circle of Life » is the best-seller of the brand Diamanti Per Tutti. It’s a timeless and minimalist jewel which will be pleased to fashion-conscious women. Composed of 28 white diamonds, this ring is available in Vermeil, in Silver plated 18-carats Pink Gold or in Solid Silver. 925 Silver or Silver Gold Plated 28 diamonds (0.112 carats)...


So chic ! The ring « Circle of Life » is another classic from the brand Diamanti Per Tutti, its circle is composed of 8 white diamonds unlike the « Full Circle of Life » is fully set of diamonds. Buy it and you will have an elegant and refined look ! 925 Silver or Silver Gold Plated 8 diamonds (0.032 carats) Size of the central piece: 13.20 x 13.20 mm


It’s hard to resist with this lovely ring “Lucky Charm”, we love its lace design, plus, she is composed 45 diamonds. “Lucky Charm” will make your hand even more beautiful! It’s one of the most beautiful jewels of DPT! 925 Silver 45 Diamonds (0,19 ct) Weight : 2,76g


Die for this “Luna” ring composed of 16 diamonds! It’s the perfect gift for your lover!


We love this open ring « Twin Circle » composed of 10 diamonds. This ring is adjustable and so, it’s the perfect ring to offer when you don’t know the size of the person. 925 Silver or Silver Gold Plated (18 cts) 10 Diamonds (0,04 ct)


This wonderful ring « Dahlia » is composed of 26 little diamonds and one central diamond more bigger. It will wear your hand all in delicacy thanks to its lace aspect. It’s a refined and feminine ring. We love it! 925 Silver 27 White Diamonds (0.013 cts) Wide : 3,6 cm


The 'Elegance' ring is sophisticated, timeless and chic. This ring corresponds to the finger of every elegant and fashionable woman, whatever her age. Silver 925 or Silver Gold Plated 6 diamonds (0.024 carats) Wide : 2 cm


The subtle alliance of an angular and radical design, and the brilliance of diamond. The Prism ring is set with 5 diamonds. Sterling Silver or Silver Gold Plated (18 cts)     Diamonds: 0.02 carats


The luxurious and frivolous alliance of yellow gold and a brilliant white diamond. 14k yellow gold Diamond measure approx. 1.75mm (.02 cw) Handcrafted in Vancouver, Canada


This superb 24 carat gold plated bronze ring is set with semi-precious stone. Its design makes it a unique jewel and to wear alone for more refinement.

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