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This tiny pendant shines to much that it will warm your heart all day long. A jewel designed by Agnès de Verneuil. 18K Gold Size : 1 cm This pendant sold without a chain Handmade in Paris Delivered with original certificate


Far from bringing you the Bad Eye, this necklace will shine on you with an incredible brilliance thanks to its real diamonds.Diamanti Per Tutti is committed to making Diamond and precious stones accessible to all by offering silver or vermeil jewellery with a minimal and refined design. 925 Silver or Siver Gold Plated (18 cts) 16 diamonds (0.064 ct) Eye's...


"La Linéa" necklace is refined and timeless. It’s a jewel easy to wear daily. You can superimpose it with other necklaces. Available in 925 silver plated white gold, in vermeil and even, in white plated pink gold with 21 diamonds. 925 Silver or Siver Gold Plated (18 cts) 21 diamonds (0,084 ct) Adjustable lenght : 40 cm


Crack for its simply and elegant necklace « Small Full Circle » which is entirely composed of diamonds! Its design minimalist blends easily in all your daily outfits and all your night out! 925 Silver or Siver Gold Plated (18 cts) 32 diamonds (0.128 ct) Circle's size : 1,3 x 1,3 cm Adjustable lenght : 40 cm


This necklace « Big Circle of Life » is a superb jewel, with a huge circle form, with a side which is only covered of 26 diamonds. It’s timeless necklace will be pleased to all women who love fashion. Available in white rhodium silver, plated 18 carats pink gold or even, plated 18 carats gold. 925 Silver or Siver Gold Plated (18 cts) 26 White diamonds...


This necklace 'Full Circle of Life' is a round and minimalist necklace composed of 63 white diamonds. If you buy it, you will have a refined and elegant jewel to wear daily. 925 Silver or Siver Gold Plated (18 cts) 63 White Diamonds (0,252 ct) Circle's size : 4 x 4 cm Adjustable lenght : 45 cm


Simplistically precious, the La Linea bracelet is made up of a simple line of white diamonds, mounted on a silver chain. 925 Silver or Silver Gold Plated (18 cts) 25 diamonds (0,1 carats) 3 adjustable sizes


This beautiful and elegant bracelet has been specially created to make each woman's arm shine. A circle is covered with 32 diamonds, the second circle was created to add a superb modern and feminine touch. Sterling Silver or Silver Gold Plated (18 cts) 32 White Diamonds (0.128 ct) Dimensions: 13.10 x 9.20 mm Adjustable size


This Endless Diamonds bracelet is synonymous with simplicity and elegance, it contains 78 diamonds. Wear it alone or mix it with the other Endless Diamonds Vermeil and Silver bracelets for an even more chic effect. Sterling Silver Or Silver Gold Plated (18 cts) 78 White Diamonds (0,312 cts) Ajustable size


This ring « Full Circle of Life » is the best-seller of the brand Diamanti Per Tutti. It’s a timeless and minimalist jewel which will be pleased to fashion-conscious women. Composed of 28 white diamonds, this ring is available in Vermeil, in Silver plated 18-carats Pink Gold or in Solid Silver. 925 Silver or Silver Gold Plated 28 diamonds (0.112 carats)...


It’s hard to resist with this lovely ring “Lucky Charm”, we love its lace design, plus, she is composed 45 diamonds. “Lucky Charm” will make your hand even more beautiful! It’s one of the most beautiful jewels of DPT! 925 Silver 45 Diamonds (0,19 ct) Weight : 2,76g


Die for this “Luna” ring composed of 16 diamonds! It’s the perfect gift for your lover!

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