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Yellow Gold 18 carats White Diamonds (19 sones) Available in different sizes


The oak tree is a symbol of family heritage.It appears in the centre of this pendant, surrounded by the Latin quote 'Familia Supra Omnia' which means : family above all.A perfect jewel to give to a family member you care about. Sterling Silver Lenght of the chain : 50 cm Made in Canada


Symbol of Divine Providence, the eye of the Higher Power necklace will watch over you in all circumstances. Sterling Silver Lenght of the chain : 45 cm Made in Canada


This necklace is rock and memento mori at the same time. This talisman is set with a little skull and the word "OLIM" which means "once" in latin The skull, a classic memento mori, is a reminder that life is fleeting. 14 carats gold Length of the chain : 50cm Size of the charm : 2cm Handmade in Canada


This round charm is symbolic of eternity and protection. Inscribed with the phrase 'Travellers Club', this talisman protects travellers until their safe return home. Sterling Silver Small diamond Length of the chain : 22 inches Handmade in Canada


This talisman in silver showing an eagle will give your wings to make all your projects coming true! Sterling Silver Length of the chain : 45cm Handmade in Canada


Showing two Eagles messenger of the gods, this talisman is the symbol of mental strength and courage. It is reads "Dum Spiro Spero" which means in latin "While I Breathe I hope". This jewel was worn by Julia Roberts in the movie Wonder. Sterling Silver Length of the chain : 18 inches Handmade in Canada


A talisman from the Pyrrha collection on which you can see a heart with wings. A jewel for a free spirit. Sterling Silver Length of the chain: 18 inches Handmade in Canada


For Pyrrha, the Dragonfly represents the ability to welcome change with serenity.Now you know this, you will know who to offer this talisman! Sterling Silver Lenght : 45 cm (18 inch) Handcraft in Canada


The small hummingbird designed by Pyrrha is symbol of lightness and liveliness.This talisman will remind you to take the time to marvel at the small pleasures of life. A necklace that will make you grow wings! Avalaible in :Sterling Silver or Bronze Lenght : 45 cm (18 inch) Handcraft in Canada


Shown in a trinity, the three Goddesses embody charm, beauty, and creativity.They encourage artists and poets in their creativity. In short: a talisman that will ensure you a 100% succesful day! Sterling Silver Lenght : 45 cm (18 inch) Made in Canada


The Paradise Crystal is now available in a golden choker.A rock and blingy necklace you should wear everyday ! Golden Brass Faceted Green Glass Crystal Adjustable lenght : 35 - 38 cm Handmade in Paris


Shine with this baroque choker designed by Perrine Taverniti !It's decorated with a trendy and iridescent crystal. Gun Brass Faceted "Volcano" Glass Crystal Adjustable lenght : 35 - 38 cm Handmade in Paris


Theses earrings are mixing luxury and a geometric design. They can be worn in two ways.Each piece is set with 7 diamonds. Available in : White Gold or Yellow Gold (14 ct) Diamonds : 0,07 ct Adjustable Lenght : 42 - 45 cm


This talisman is engraved with "JAMAIS ARRIÈRE", a French quote which means Never Look Back.Its diamond will give you determination and courage to build your future life. Sterling Silver set with a diamond Lenght : 45 cm (18 inch) Made in Canada


A singular style and an extreme sophistication describe the Venus neckale.Its golden large chains remind some braids of laces... Gilded brass (24k - 2 microns) Lenght : 62 cm Made in Paris


Far from bringing you the Bad Eye, this necklace will shine on you with an incredible brilliance thanks to its real diamonds.Diamanti Per Tutti is committed to making Diamond and precious stones accessible to all by offering silver or vermeil jewellery with a minimal and refined design. 925 Silver or Siver Gold Plated (18 cts) 16 diamonds (0.064 ct) Eye's...


This Pyrrha jewel is composed of a silver chain on which is suspended a medal with a deer figure. This animal is associated with the chakras of the heart and is a symbol of inner peace. Sterling Silver Lenght of the chain : 45 cm Handmade in Canada


Surrender to the unconditional charm of Stalactite stones.A necklace made of three rows of stones, and a golden chain. Sterling Silver or Silver Gold Plated (18k - 5 microns) Available in : Malachite, Pyrite and African Turquoise Adjustable Lenght : 42 - 45 cm Made in France


This pretty necklace designed by Good After Nine will dress your neck or a shirt collar. Polished brass with 18k gold plating High-quality enamel and special coating technique Lenght: 55 cm


A jewel formed with an interlaced silk cord with a silver chain, sprinkle with Swarovski crystals and ended with two baroque charms. You can wear it as a long necklace or tied with a tie knot, or even a bracelet for those who like to have charms hanged on their wrist. Available in : Silver (Sterling Silver - Grey Silk), Pink Gold (Silver Pink Gold plated...


The Maï bracelet designed by Stalactite is made of 3 rows : A triangle-hammered bangle, a row of spinel, and a shiny chain.Probably one of the most beautiful Stalactite's jewel... Avaible in : Silver (925) or Gold Plated ( 18 carats, 5 microns) Grey spinels Ajustable size Handmade in Paris


Crack for its simply and elegant necklace « Small Full Circle » which is entirely composed of diamonds! Its design minimalist blends easily in all your daily outfits and all your night out! 925 Silver or Siver Gold Plated (18 cts) 32 diamonds (0.128 ct) Circle's size : 1,3 x 1,3 cm Adjustable lenght : 40 cm


This ring « Full Circle of Life » is the best-seller of the brand Diamanti Per Tutti. It’s a timeless and minimalist jewel which will be pleased to fashion-conscious women. Composed of 28 white diamonds, this ring is available in Vermeil, in Silver plated 18-carats Pink Gold or in Solid Silver. 925 Silver or Silver Gold Plated 28 diamonds (0.112 carats)...


Die for this “Luna” ring composed of 16 diamonds! It’s the perfect gift for your lover!


This beautiful and elegant bracelet has been specially created to make each woman's arm shine. A circle is covered with 32 diamonds, the second circle was created to add a superb modern and feminine touch. Sterling Silver or Silver Gold Plated (18 cts) 32 White Diamonds (0.128 ct) Dimensions: 13.10 x 9.20 mm Adjustable size


This necklace 'Full Circle of Life' is a round and minimalist necklace composed of 63 white diamonds. If you buy it, you will have a refined and elegant jewel to wear daily. 925 Silver or Siver Gold Plated (18 cts) 63 White Diamonds (0,252 ct) Circle's size : 4 x 4 cm Adjustable lenght : 45 cm


This necklace « Big Circle of Life » is a superb jewel, with a huge circle form, with a side which is only covered of 26 diamonds. It’s timeless necklace will be pleased to all women who love fashion. Available in white rhodium silver, plated 18 carats pink gold or even, plated 18 carats gold. 925 Silver or Siver Gold Plated (18 cts) 26 White diamonds...


The Mystique Diamond rush bracelet is a classic to have, this rush is set with 20 white diamonds for an elegant and refined effect. For more eccentricity, combine it with the other cuffs in the collection and play layering and finishing mixes. Sterling Silver or Silver Gold Plated (18 cts) 20 White Diamonds (0,08 cts) Adjustable size


The Endless Black & White ring is set with 54 black and white diamonds, this timeless jewel will easily mix with other fine rings from the Diamanti Per Tutti collection. Silver 925 or Silver Gold Plated 27 White Diamonds (0.108 cts), 27 Black Diamonds

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