You can find here a selection of delicate and coloured jewels, decorated with feathers. They will be amazing gifts  for pretty girls.

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These Nikita dangling earrings are in Silver, and are composed of two leaves. Nikitas' can be wear easily daily, they are basic. Silver


You will be unique with those unusual shapes ! These earrings are made with goose feathers and are more delicates that you think. The earrings have a leopard pattern with fluorescent pink at the edge. They are gold plated and designed by the french brand Stalactite.


How pretty are those earrings Elise ! Inspired by the Maya civilisation, their little gold or silver feathers will perfectly follow the shape of your earring. Available in : Silver (925) or in Vermeil (Silver gold plated 5 microns, 18 carats) Handmade by Stalactite in Paris


Check out those wonderful earrings ! You won't find another person with the same ones in the entire world ! These Eagle earrings yellow saffron are covered with fine gold 0,5 microns. Stalactite is a french brand making its jewellery in Paris.


This fine gold gilded Eagle necklace is composed of a fan of royal pheasant feathers, highlighted by two discreet lines of fine stones. A necklace to wear in all seasons ! Adjustable lenght : 42 - 45 cm Gold filled Brass (18k, 0,5 micron) Pheasant feathers Hematite stones Handmade in Paris


A necklace that you can wear daily and for a special and dressy event as well. The delicate leaves will give a delicate and elegant touch to your fabulous style. Available in : brass silver plated (15 microns) or brass gold plated (5 microns-18 carats) Adjustable length : 42-45 cm Pearls from freshwater Stalactite is a french brand making its jewellery in...


The Parrot earrings small size are a best seller as well ! Their tinted goose feathers will make your outfits more beautiful. Coral, blue, light pink or grey... No doubt, you will find the color that you need ! You can wear it by day or by night... Real feathers. Brass gold plated 0,5 micron.


The Cheyen earrings will bring some color and a precious touch to your hair, with their delicates colored feathers. They go well with brown hair but they will go well with blond hair as well to have a Californian beach style. Silver Gold Plated (3 microns, 18 carats) Real golden feathers.


We finally have the Gazelle earrings as a small studs to have an discreet and elegant impact. Brass gold plated (0,5 micron - 18 carats) and real feathers hand painted. Length : 2,5 cm Handmade by Stalactite in Paris


You need to get the Gazelle Stud earrings by Stalactite and their little black feathers. Fine and discreet, you can wear them everyday easily. Brass gold plated (0,5 micron - 18 carats) & real feathers. Length : 2,5 cm Handmade by Stalactite in Paris


Check out this Baby Parrot Necklace made with real feathers ! You definitely won't find another person with the same necklace. A lot of colours are available : grey, brown, blue and dark purple. Time to choose ! Stalactite is a french brand making its jewellery in Paris.

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