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Easy to mix with other rings this ring with little pearls will make your hands more beautiful. Brass rose gold plated. Made in Paris


The Cheyen earrings will bring some color and a precious touch to your hair, with their delicates colored feathers. They go well with brown hair but they will go well with blond hair as well to have a Californian beach style. Silver Gold Plated (3 microns, 18 carats) Real golden feathers.


This lovely bracelet and its tiny fine briolette is super-easy to wear thanks to its magnetic clasp ! Silver Rose Gold plated (18 k - 3 microns) Magnetic clasp Available : Chalcedony ; Garnet ; Labradorite ; Lapis ; Opal ; Fushia Quartz Handmade in Marseille (France)


A fabulous thin necklace designed by Senzou, decorated with a cut fine stone. Silver Rose Gold plated (18 k - 3 microns) Ajustable lenght : 42 - 45 cm Stone Size : 4 mm Available : Aquamarine ; Chrysoprase ; Garnet ; Labradorite ; Lapis ; Onyx ; Opal ; Green Quartz ; Turquoise Handmade in Marseille (France)


June is a gorgeous long necklace spotted with tiny briolettes, for a unique style. Silver Rose Gold plated (18 k - 3 microns) Lenght : 100 cm Stones size : 4 mm Available : Onyx, Multi-stones Handmade in Marseille (France)


The precious Muse necklace is studded with tiny fine stones on its chain.Its pendant is made with an oval half-precious stone and a small rose gold Madonna medal. Silver Rose Gold plated (18 k - 3 microns) Lenght : 70 cm Available : Chrysoprase ; Labradorite ; Lapis ; Onyx ; Opal ; Fushia Quartz ; Green Quartz ; Smoky Quartz ; Turquoise Handmade in...


The June necklace will be fancy on your neck.Its made with 3 fine briolettes which bring you a little bit of colour...Which one will be yours ? Silver Rose Gold plated (18 k - 3 microns) Ajustable lenght : 42 - 45 cm Stones Size : 4 mm Available : Lapis (Turquoise, Lapis, Aquamarine) ; Onyx (Onyx, Smoky Quartz, Labradorite) ; Fushia Quartz (Opal, Fushia...


A jewel formed with an interlaced silk cord with a silver chain, sprinkle with Swarovski crystals and ended with two baroque charms. You can wear it as a long necklace or tied with a tie knot, or even a bracelet for those who like to have charms hanged on their wrist. Available in : Silver (Sterling Silver - Grey Silk), Pink Gold (Silver Pink Gold plated...


The « Twin Rings » collection is composed of 3 rings which can be easily wear, separately, or together in the same finger for example. These three rings are one-size, so, you can simply adjust it! Perfect to all styles! 925 Silver or Silver Gold Plated (18 cts) 7 diamonds (0.028 carats) Adjustable size


You will love the Draydream bracelet, a perfect balance between basic and modern.Its asymmetrical ends make it an original and refined bracelet, thanks to its precious stones. Sterling Silver or Silver Gold Plated (18 cts) 10 White Diamonds (0,04 cts), 1 Light Blue Square Sapphire Adjustable size


Fall in love with the pretty Diamanti Per Tutti bracelet and its piercing eye set with diamonds ! 925 Silver or Silver Gold Plated (18 cts) 16 diamonds (0.064 carats), 1 Blue Sapphire 3 adjustable sizes

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