As talismans, engraved jewels keep a symbol or a wish.

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This round charm is symbolic of eternity and protection. Inscribed with the phrase 'Travellers Club', this talisman protects travellers until their safe return home. Sterling Silver Small diamond Length of the chain : 22 inches Handmade in Canada


This talisman in silver showing an eagle will give your wings to make all your projects coming true! Sterling Silver Length of the chain : 45cm Handmade in Canada


Symbol of new beginnings. From the talismans collection Pyrrha, the charm of this necklace represents a crescent moon. A dreamy symbol becoming true. A 14k gold piece attached to a sterling silver base adds a subtle touch of luxury to this mixed metal layering piece. Available in : Sterling Silver or Bronze Length of the chain : 45 cm (18 inches) Handmade...


This talisman in silver has the words "IN LUMINE LUCE" which means "to shine". This sentence goes with a crown and a hand holding a sheaf of wheat which represents the fruition of one's hopes and dreams. A necklace which will bring you confidence to yourself. Sterling Silver Length of the chain : 20 inches Handmade in Canada


This little talisman represents two clasped hands with the text "FOR EVER". This necklace is the symbol of loyalty. Sterling Silver Length of the chain : 45 cm Handmade in Canada


This little gryphon will keep an eye on you as a guardian. Symbol of strength and bravery, the griffin is a mythical creature half eagle, half lion. This charm is sold without any chain so you might think about ordering one ! Sterling Silver Handmade in Canada


For Pyrrha, the Dragonfly represents the ability to welcome change with serenity.Now you know this, you will know who to offer this talisman! Sterling Silver Lenght : 45 cm (18 inch) Handcraft in Canada


The small hummingbird designed by Pyrrha is symbol of lightness and liveliness.This talisman will remind you to take the time to marvel at the small pleasures of life. A necklace that will make you grow wings! Avalaible in :Sterling Silver or Bronze Lenght : 45 cm (18 inch) Handcraft in Canada


Shown in a trinity, the three Goddesses embody charm, beauty, and creativity.They encourage artists and poets in their creativity. In short: a talisman that will ensure you a 100% succesful day! Sterling Silver Lenght : 45 cm (18 inch) Made in Canada


This irregular golden bangle is decotared with three small Swarovski crystals.It will perfectly fit a thin wrist. Gold filled Brass (24 carats, 2 microns) Swarovski crystals Adjustable size Designed in Paris


This talisman is engraved with "JAMAIS ARRIÈRE", a French quote which means Never Look Back.Its diamond will give you determination and courage to build your future life. Sterling Silver set with a diamond Lenght : 45 cm (18 inch) Made in Canada


Here a necklace specially made for Libras. Born from 23rd of September to 22nd of October, Libras are known to be balanced and faith persons. Brass Gold plated (3 microns Swarovski Crystal Lenght : 75 cm Handmade in Paris

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