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Since 2008, the duo of Parisian designers Claire Naa and Arnaud Soulignac transform Japanese folding into Origami Jewellery.

The solid silver collection is made with animal forms (crane, swan, rabbit, pegasus, triceratops) and geometric shapes (boats, decagem, magic ball). In the collection, you will find origami’s necklaces, long necklaces or earrings.

And for the concept’s fans, discover also Origami HomePlace, a new line of decoration inspired by the main models of Origami Jewellery  

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Boat Necklace

Price €180.00
This necklace is made for the sea lovers and all people who likes to travel. You can wear this beautiful necklace with any kind of outfit : smart...

Deer Necklace

Price €180.00
No you are not dreaming, Origami Jewellery has made a deer in an origami style for you ! You can even wear this necklace during a special occasion...

Cat Necklace

Price €180.00
How to resist to this cute cat necklace ! The origami design of this cat will seduce all the cat and origami lovers ! The length of this jewel is...

Dog Necklace

Price €180.00
After the cat necklace here you have the dog one still with an origami design. This necklace is very easy to wear and will match with every outfit...

Hen Necklace

Price €180.00
Look at this cute origami hence necklace ! Be ready to catch people's attention with this delicate jewel ! This jewel is about 75 cm length and is...

Crab Necklace

Price €180.00
A taste of the beach will make your holidays come quicker. Check out this crab made in an origami style. The length of this jewel is about 75 cm...

Swan Necklace

Price €180.00
Here you have one of the most popular jewel from the Origami Jewellery collection ! Look at this beautiful swan and be ready to add it to your...

Lion Necklace

Price €180.00
You will be proud to have the king of the animals around your neck made by Origami Jewellery. The length of the chain of this jewel is about 75 cm...

Bird Necklace

Price €180.00
You will feel free and aerial wih this very elegant bird necklace. The length of the chain of this jewel is about 75 cm length and is available in...

Boat mirror

Price €35.00
This 'Boat' mirror of the Origami Homeplace will illuminate your home and can be declined in a Silver or Gold finish. Height: 24 cm Length: 63 cm