Hanka_ïn. These jewels are born from the imagination of two sisters, Vanessa and Katia. Both from the world of fashion, they share the same love for jewellery. All in finesse and in delicacy, their collections are marked with a sensual femininity and a rock style.

Among their best-sellers: the fine carved rings with semi-precious stones, with light reflections and hippie chic style.

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Give it a rock and chic touch with these Glint stud earrings made by Hanka_ïn. Brass gold plated 24 carats, 3 microns. Pierre Druzy. Handmade.


Subtles little stud earrings set with Swarovski crystal sparkles. A simple and precious creation. Brass gold plated (24 carats), 3 microns. Swarovski crystals.


The well-known Eternity crystals spotlighted with these tiny earrings. Those coloured and shining earrings will bring some light into your hair. Brass gold plated 24 carats, 3 microns. Swarovski crystals.


This opened ring can be adjusted to your finger's size. You just need to find your favorite crystal shade. A thin and coloured ring which match perfectly with all others Hanka_ïn rings collection or Charlotte Wooning rings. Brass gold plaited 24 carats (3 microns). Swarovski Crystal. Handmade in Paris.


We love the Eternity ring made by the sisters Hanka_ïn. This jewel is also timeless and subtle and will make your hands shining with it crystal with mineral shades. Brass gold plated 24 carats (3 microns). Swarovski Crystal. Handmade in Paris.


Subtle and shining, the Glint ring and its little Druzy circle will catch your attention! Its tiny quartz crystals give a glitter and outstanding aspect. We pick up the black versant for dark and rock shades or the platinium one for a smarter or chic cool. Brass gold plated 24 carats (3 microns). Black or platinium Druzy. Handmade in Paris.


This beautiful ring will suit to every woman who likes elegant and subtles jewels. The ring Solitaire is refined and will match easily with all your clothes and event. You can attach it in a brilliant way with all the Drop Solitaire rings to mix crystals and colours. Brass gold plated 24 carats. Swarovski Crystal. Homemade in Paris.


This ring realizes the perfect balance between the sensitivity of a semi-precious stone and its raw aspect. An elegant jewel bringing a rock touch to your hands. Silver plated gold 24 carats (3 microns). Semi-precious stones. Available in: white Agate, Amazonite, Chrysoprase, blue Kyanite, black Druzy, Emerald, Hyperstone, Labradorite and Ruby. Homemade...


Subtles and coloured, Kate's rings have the benefit to be opened which means you can adjust them to your size easily. 9 different colours are available to satisfy all women's taste! Brass gold plated 24 carats (3 microns). Swarovski Crystal, adjustable size. Handmade in Paris.


Find out the Stella ring and her carved star, set with zirconiums. A shiny ring made by Hanka_ïn, which daily highlight your hands with its gold plated 3 microns. The Hope Stella star exists as a bracelet and earrings as well. Brass gold plated 24 carats (3 microns). White Zirconium. Handmade in Paris.


Fine and elegant, Hanka_In is a french brand well known for delicate jewellery. Those Solitaire rings are made with crystals and plated gold.


This bracelet shows the precision made by Hanka_ïn designer's hands. Galet bracelet from Hope collection is composed by a circle with tiny white zirconiums inside. This bracelet can light by itself or with a bangle or a string bracelet. Brass gold plated 24 carats (3 microns). White zirconiums. Adjustable size: 16-18cm. Handmade in Paris.

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